Post Valentine’s day

Yesterday was Saint Valentin (Valentine’s day in French). Now, time to get back to work…

Autoconf bug

The issue I ran into yesterday looks very much like an autoconf bug, so I send a bug report to It’s funny that there is a GNU bug database, but it’s apparently not directly accessible, unlike bugzillas everywhere. Instead, you have to send a mail, and someone will file the bug for you. Or a very slow robot.

(Several hours later: report is 25740)

VNC + virt-viewer keyboard bug

I really have something with keyboards 😉

Filing a bug against vino-server regarding the combination of virt-viewervino-server, where I can’t type some keys, notably ( and ). There is some keymap issue there. But it’s not really clear whether it’s vino-server or virt-viewer.

Missing spice-vdagent in Ubuntu

Apparently, Ubuntu does not ship with spice-vdagent active by default. I thought installing it would help. If anything, it made things worse, because the mouse cursor movement became quite erratic. And still, the cursor was stuck inside the window. The solution, it turns out, is to add the missing USB Tablet in the VM configuration. I’m not sure why this would be added by default for Fedora guests, but not for Ubuntu guests.

Same problem with Linux Mint, not too surprising given how close its DNA is to Ubuntu.

Networking issues

Bugzilla is extremely slow, and I also have issues locally with VNC to Big and Muse…

Wireless analysis on macOS

I have some trouble with my Macbook connecting to the wrong Wi-Fi. There is a nice feature I did not know about in the “Wireless Diagnostics” tool shipped with macOS. It’s not just a know-nothing stupid “assistant”. It also has nice performance graph tools, and a good way to show which base station you are connected to.

That does not explain why I keep connecting to the “worst” base station as seen from my location. But it helps knowing for sure that this is the problem with my network performance.

That fixed the VNC issue, but Bugzilla is still extremely slow (several minutes to load a page). Will try again tomorrow.

Google Magenta

Just heard about Google Magenta. Downloaded and built in a VM. I’m curious to see how far along they are. So I downloaded it and built it in one of my VMs. I wonder if I’ll be able to run a Magenta VM…

Following the build instructions, I got it to build without a glitch on Ubuntu. I’ll try a Fedora VM next.

3D acceleration in guests

Following a question on IRC, I began testing Extreme Tux Racer in a 3D-accelerated VM. It does not work at all. The initial setup screen loads OK, but then some attempt at showing a dialog box results in a random sea of pixels. It’s downhill from there. Window decorations are corrupt or missing. Random pieces of texture show up everywhere if you try to put an application full screen.

And once you have put the system in that state, Tao3D does not work at all, I get random pieces of Tux Racer intro screen instead of my GL output.

I spent some time trying various things and tweaking configuration bits, but nothing conclusive came out of it. I will try to enable 3D on Muse VMs as well, starting with Fedora 25 and then Ubuntu and Mint if there is a chance of it working there…


Author: Christophe de Dinechin

I try to change the world, but that's work in progress. If you want to know me, google "Christophe de Dinechin". Keywords: concept programming, virtualization, OS design, programming languages, video games, 3D, modern physics. Some stuff I did that I'm proud of: the first "true" 3D game for the PC, HP's big iron virtualization, real-time test systems for car electronics, some of the best games for the HP48 calculator, a theory of physics that makes sense (at least to me).

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